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Everyone wants to learn astrology, but so many people get discouraged and quit because they are overwhelmed by the amount of information. Astrology is a complex subject, but it can (and should) be simplified! In my first ever full-length book, I teach you how to break your natal chart down into bite-sizd pieces, so that you can see your own, unique soul blueprint. You can finally answer the most important question that any human being can ask: What is my purpose?

Soul Mapping - Using Astrology to Recover the Birth Code

  • Personalized Workbook Option:

    If you would like to use this book as an opportunity for self-study, the Personalized Workbook is a great add-on tool! You will receive a .pdf workbook that allows you to plug the concepts from the book directly into your own natal chart - you can learn by doing! 

    Enter a valid email address during check out, and I will reach out to get the information I need to create your workbook.

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